“Swarm” – in the renowned Telekom Art Collection

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“The Art Collection Telekom was initiated in 2010. The main focus lays on contemporary art from Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. Art Collection Telekom sees this as a response to the social and political changes after the fall of the Iron Curtain and calls for a greater understanding of the broad cultural diversity in Europe through the visual arts. The aim is to map out a concentrated art historical spectrum of contemporary art in this cultural area. The full media bandwidth of contemporary art, from drawing to digital installations, is to be introduced.

In so doing, Art Collection Telekom will concentrate on a few artists and document and collect their work over a longer period of time. The basic prerequisites for selecting works are a high aesthetic level in terms of form and content and a horizon of interpretation that is left open and promises over the course of the years to continue expanding in terms of its content. When setting up and extending the collection, its high potential for stories and narrations will be highlighted.” (See “SWARM” in the collection HERE)


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